Honors Division Events – Descriptions and Dates

Honors Division Events – Description and Dates

MTNA Performance Evaluations (Nov 2-4, 2017)

  • open to all ages and levels for solo and duo entries
  • students may play one or two pieces with a time limit depending on age
  • top performers in each category are invited to play at the annual UMTA (Utah Music Teacher’s Association) conference

Junior Festival – Ensemble (November 10-11, 17-18, 2017)

  • Open to all students under 19
  • Evaluation-style where students play and are given a rating
  • Duet (one piano-four hands) and duo (two pianos-four hands) are both acceptable
  • Siblings may compete together, but division is determined by the more advanced player

Junior Festival – Solo (Every weekend in February 2018)

  • available to all students under 19
  • Evaluation-style where students play and are given a rating
  • requires two memorized solos in different styles – one choice, one required from the NFMC bulletin
  • Students who qualify may audition for and play in an Honors recital with cash prize
  • Students can also enter the Hymn Festival or American Patriotic and Folk Song Festival

Encore Festivals (Jr. Festival February 9-10, 2018 with honors recital Feb 13; Sr. Festival February 23-24, 2018 with honors recital Feb 27; Technique Evaluations January 26-27 and Theory/Ear Training March 22)

  • divided into Junior and Senior divisions by age (two different weekends)
  • evaluation-style, where students who qualify are invited to perform in an Honors recital
  • requires memorized solos with a time limit

Encore Concerto Festival (April 27-28, 2018)

  • students play one movement from a concerto with accompaniment
  • time limits apply, so students make cuts with the teacher’s help, but must prepare the entire movement

AIM (Mid-Late March 2018 or July for summer testing)

  • administered by the local MTNA chapter
  • evaluation-style, where students who score over 70% receive a medal
  • students are evaluated according to their level (1-10 according to AIM)
  • students can choose from different “clusters” of evaluation, including performance, theory, ear training, sight reading, and technique
  • requires memorized solos in contrasting styles; number of solos depends on level

UVU Rebecca Marriott Competition (Late March 2018)

  • students can participate in evaluations or in competition against other students
  • students are divided into 3 groups by age
  • can play one or two pieces within a given time limit

Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra Aspiring Musicians Competition (early February 2018)

  • students play concertos or other large works
  • open to students across the valley
  • winners perform with the Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra

Utah International Youth Piano Competition (mid-August 2017)

  • students of all ages and levels may compete
  • repertoire requirements may vary based on age and level
  • students compete against a group of young musicians from China



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