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Mercedes Rogers is an exceptional violinist, from Gilbert, Arizona. Her career has been defined by sharing the power of music with the world through purposeful performances and personalized education. Her passion is teaching young musicians and helping them discover and express the musical capabilities that are inherent in all human beings. Currently, she conducts the first-year 6th grade orchestra at Rock Canyon Elementary, and is working on building her private studio. On the horizon is the launching of her latest project, called Young Musicians UT, which helps aspiring instrumentalists to explore areas of music that aren’t typically covered in private instruction.

As a child, she fell in love with the idea of playing the violin and is still living out her childhood dream by playing her grandmother’s violin. For Mercedes, music goes beyond being simply an auditory sensation. It has been a source of meaningful connection to the people around her, as well as a therapeutic outlet. Mercedes has studied with Courtney Tanner, Mark Taylor and Sharlee Hendricks. At present, she is a student of Utah Valley University’s music program, where she is under the instruction of world-renowned violinist Donna Fairbanks. She is an active member of the symphony, directed by Cheung Chau, and loves participating in other small ensembles.

For years she has enjoyed serving others through performances that range from solo presentations in hospital rooms, to organizing and participating in fundraising concerts held for large audiences.

When she isn’t attached to her violin, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and being a bookworm.

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