Piano Academy Policy 2015-16

Piano Academy Policy


Tuition and Costs

Tuition is $130 per month for a weekly 90-minute lesson. Initial costs may include:

  1.     Master Musicianship Curriculum (MMC) + Computer Binder
  2.     Piano Lesson Binder + Music Buck Bag
  3.     Pass-Off Materials: 3-4 Level books and 1 Hanon book + Flashcard Set

Solo music will be loaned from our Academy music library and will never incur a fee.

When students pass off level and theory books, the cost for new books will be added to the invoice for the next month. Utah Piano Conservatory sends email invoices on the 1st of each month, and automatic withdrawal takes place on the 10th.  Tuition remains the same for each month throughout the year providing you with a few free lessons each year.

Weekly Lessons and Incentives

Piano Academy lasts 90 minutes and includes 4 stations: Performance, Technique/Hymn, Pass-Off, and Computer Lab. Students will be expected to practice diligently and do their best. Music Store, Grab Bag, and Golden Bench are incentives teachers use to help students live up to their potential. Students are expected to come to every weekly lesson prepared:

  1.     Brought all books and materials
  2.     Recorded practice days/time on practice chart
  3.     Shows improvement and progress for Academy assignments and receives grade

Makeup Lessons

There will be no makeup lessons during the school year.During the summer, students may make up as many as 5 lessons missed during the school year. Requests for makeup lessons must be submitted to the solo teacher by June 30 to allow time for scheduling extra lessons. Lessons last year round, five days a week.  Academy will not have lessons on July 4th, Thursday-Friday of Thanksgiving, and 2 weeks for Christmas break. Lessons will be observed on all other holidays.


We host 4 Piano Academy recitals per year. Teachers do their best to encourage students to prepare memorized, polished solos, the requirement for recital participation.  In addition, we host four Community Outreach recitals per year where any repertoire can be performed.

Parent Involvement

First Piano Academy lesson is mandatory for parents to attend. Parents are welcome to come and visit any lesson anytime.  Parents are to provide and ensure uninterrupted practice time at least 5 days per week. Limiting other extra-curricular activities is strongly encouraged to achieve progress in piano. Parents will be contacted if student receives an overall grade of “Unprepared” three weeks in a row. For these students to achieve their musical potential, a piano tutor will be required, and we are happy to assist in free tutor training.

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