Way Cool Keyboarding for Kids – Group Piano Lessons

primary passagesway cool for kids book imageThis fun and creative program, that intertwines playing LDS Primary Songs with an engaging group piano curriculum, was written to provide positive musical experiences that support the following beliefs:

Children acquire numerous benefits from playing a musical instrument.
– they develop the ability to express themselves through making music
– their ears, body and eyes learn to work together to play music
– confidence and creativity are nurtured through improvisation, arranging, Way Cool Chord charts, and the “Try This” ideas throughout this book

Children enjoy making music with other children.
– the joy found in playing together in a group is extremely motivating
– teamwork is developed as they create arrangements and play in a Piano Band together
– playing with the band also happens at home through the use of the Way Cool accompaniment tracks

All children can experience success at the piano.
– when the focus shifts from mastery to experience, playing the piano becomes available to all children
– this is the first step in encouraging the lifelong love of playing music
– success happens when children bring the love of playing a musical instrument into their family culture

As music educators, we have the privilege of sharing our passion for music making with our students. And as facilitators, we guide our students in a caring and compassionate manner.

Our faculty enjoy the balance between teaching and guiding. Between challenging the mind and simply having fun. For it is in this balance more children will want to play the piano and enjoy the numerous benefits experienced in music participation. We especially want to encourage them to learn the primary songs and hymns.

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