Preschool Piano Academy (Ages 4-6)

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Experience the most comprehensive preschool piano lessons, the 90 minute Piano Academy lesson, including:

Solo Performance Room – Private Instruction

  • Focuses on the basics of rhythm, pitch, and musical notation
  • Uses the Piano Safari method to combine rote teaching and note-reading
  • Teaches music through movement, singing, and performance

Technique Room  – Private Instruction

  • Focuses on developing excellent technique from the very beginning of piano lessons
  • Includes Piano Safari animal technique pieces
  • Uses Primary Passages books to teach Primary songs by rote

Pass Off Room – Private Instruction 

  • Focuses on the basics of musicianship and notation with the Music for Little Mozarts series (levels 1-4)
  • Keeps students excited with new songs and stories with Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear

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Computer Lab –  Faculty Guided Music Activities

  • Students and caregivers rotate to a variety of musical learning stations and technology designed to create a fun and comprehensive music education experience for the preschool age musician.
  • Music theory with the Music for Little Mozarts Workbook
  • Technology Stations including iPads, digital keyboard stations, and computer games
  • Discovery desk stations for creative exploration of musical concepts, composition and the Composer’s Corner
  • Flashcards, card games, and group games to reinforce musical concepts
  • Singing station for developing a musical ear
  • Full access to Piano Marvel

music bucks collageMusic Rewards & Incentives Programs

“Mom… please don’t let me be late to lessons…. I want to get all of my music bucks for perfect practice!!”

“Please may I practice more…. It’s double bucks week!”

The more you practice…

the more you WIN!!


  • Music Bucks – Earn money from each lesson room, participation & practicing.
  • Music Store – Monthly shopping in our fully stocked store of fun treats and prizes.
  • Golden Bench – Choose a prize after completing each level of pass off books.
  • Grab Bag – Choose a treat after completing a full round of rotations in computer lab.

Performance Opportunities

  • Community Outreach – informal, quarterly service performances
  • Academy Recitals – Formal recitals with memorized, polished repertoire
  • Summer programs and special events
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Parent Support

  • Piano Tutor Training
  • Lesson Books Provided
  • Auto Pay – Easy!
  • Monthly featured composer and theme
  • Yearly Orientation & Training


Call to schedule a free evaluation to determine if your child is

ready to begin piano lesson instruction at the Piano Academy.


“Tuning hearts through music”

We look forward to sharing these preschool piano lessons with you and your child.  Please call 801-701-0113 ext. 3 or email to schedule a free “readiness evaluation” to see if your 4-6 year old is ready for Utah County’s premiere, 90 minute preschool piano lesson.

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Looking for more advanced and challenging piano lessons?  Click here: Honors Division of the Piano Academy.

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